Top 5 Crypto Altcoins on Base Ecosystem

Top 5 Crypto Altcoins on Base Ecosystem

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The Base Ecosystem is exploding right now, so which altcoins am I buying and which ones am I fading? With Base memecoins like $BRETT and $DEGEN taking off, everyone is wondering if Coinbase's Base blockchain will follow Solana in becoming memecoin central.

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00:00 - Intro
02:09 - Base chain growth
05:35 - Will Base have a token?
10:50 - Coinbase's masterplan for Base
19:00 - Top Base DeFi Altcoins
24:40 - Gaming/AI Altcoin
28:55 - Memecoins worth having
33:11 - DEGEN, Farcaster, L3 narrative
37:18 - 2 coins similar to DEGEN
43:26 - Summary

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