Bitcoin halving: 'We're in a bullish scenario for price appreciation,' Riot Platforms CIO

Bitcoin halving: 'We're in a bullish scenario for price appreciation,' Riot Platforms CIO

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18 April, 2024
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Bitcoin (BTC-USD) prices are holding above $63,000 as the cryptocurrency gives up some ground on Monday. The bitcoin halving event is projected to take place this Friday, April 19, which operates to reduce the amount of available bitcoins in circulation once every four years.
The bitcoin halving directly impacts the profits of bitcoin miners, including Riot Platforms (RIOT). Riot Platforms CEO Jason Les speaks with Yahoo Finance about Riot's preparations for the halving and the "compelling" upside effects the crypto space is currently experiencing, despite whatever "rough patch of volatility" the halving will bring.
"The price appreciation in the first part of this year following the approval of various bitcoin ETFs, I think, has really helped dampen the negative impact of the halving will have on miners because we've already seen some upside. from this," Les says, later adding: "Our value proposition to investors is that through our low cost to power, we are effectively purchasing bitcoin at a discount to its market price. We are getting leverage on bitcoin nd we... expect to have more outsized returns when the bitcoin price appreciates."
Want to learn more about the bitcoin halving? Watch this video from Yahoo Finance for a quick explainer: Bitcoin halving: Explained
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