Cathie Wood on the Bitcoin Halving, Apple/Open AI & NVDIAs Dominance w/ Cathie Wood | EP #108

Cathie Wood on the Bitcoin Halving, Apple/Open AI & NVDIAs Dominance w/ Cathie Wood | EP #108

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9 July, 2024
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In this episode, Cathie and Peter discuss the Bitcoin halving, Apple/Open AI, NVIDIA, Humanoid Robots, and more.

Cathie Wood is a renowned stock-picker and the founder of the $60 billion ARK Invest, a key figure in the investment landscape for disruptive innovations such as self-driving cars and genomics. After founding ARK in 2014 and gaining experience at various investment firms, Wood aimed to offer active stock portfolios in an ETF format. Her flagship Ark Innovation Fund, with assets totaling $23 billion, has delivered an impressive average annual return of nearly 45% over the past five years. Wood is a prominent advocate for Tesla, predicting the electric car company's future valuation to surpass $3 trillion.

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0:00 Intro
1:18 Ark Invest: 10 Years and Beyond
5:20 Exploring AI, Bitcoin, and Robots
6:23 Apple's OpenAI Partnership
11:43 AI's Impact on the Advertising World
18:23 Xai: The Next AI Challenger?
24:13 The Future of Nvidia and AI
27:51 The Battle Between AI Supply and Demand
30:42. Extending Life with Advanced Diagnostics
33:01 The Power of AI Innovation
34:14 The Future of Cryptocurrency
37:18 El Salvador Leads Bitcoin Adoption
40:21 The Impact of Bitcoin on Voters
42:42 The Future of ETF Platforms
48:28 Robots and Biotech Innovations Ahead
52:45 The Dystopian/Utopian Future of Technology
55:25 Technology and Our Purposeful Future
57:11 The Future of Autonomous Driving
1:05:17 The Multiomics Revolution is Coming
1:10:27 The Next Revolution in Medicine
1:15:45 The Disruptive Potential of Technology
1:18:45 Exploring Research and Funds for Success


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