What is going on with my crypto mining...

What is going on with my crypto mining...

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What is going on with my crypto mining... I have been mining in my house for years, trying to earn passive income with cryptocurrency and now I am working on the next step towards financial freedom and off-grid living, here's my mining rig updates and more -- also grab the best miner for 2023 here - https://voskco.in/evg

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We’re building a solar-powered cryptocurrency mining farm. We’re mining everything from Bitcoin (BTC) and Dogecoin (DOGE) to Chia (XCH) using ASIC miners and HDD miners. We’re hoping to revive some older miners including the HDD CPU TriMiner as well as some GPU miners at the new farm. Take a look tour with us to see what miners we have left in the house, what our next steps are, and some overall bitcoin cryptocurrency news.

00:00 The current Status of cryptocurrency
00:25 What I am going to do with the miners that are not yet in my future house?
01:58 I am going to revive the tri-miner
04:22 The BTC-bitcoin Supra sparks some conversations!
05:52 Some updates on the new Voskcoin HQ
08:03 Excited to get the mining sounds off my house

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