Meet The $21 Billion Child Prodigy Behind Ethereum

Meet The $21 Billion Child Prodigy Behind Ethereum

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By now, we're all familiar with the two largest cryptocurrencies in the world Bitcoin and Ethereum. The origins of Bitcoin remain a mystery as we don't know too much about the founder other than their alias Satoshi Nakamoto. All of the candidates for Satoshi, however, are rather old in their 50s or 60s. With Ethereum on the other hand, the founder, Vitalik Buterin is only 27 years old today and he was only 21 when Ethereum was launched. Before founding Ethereum, Vitalik worked as a crypto-journalist at the crypto magazine he cofounded called Bitcoin Magazine. As he met with crypto experts around the world though, he quickly realized that most cryptocurrency projects had a major shortfall which was that they were too niche and application-specific. Vitalik proposed the idea of creating a broader cryptocurrency to many crypto founders, but they weren't interested. So, Vitalik decided to do it on his own. This video explains the story of Ethereum and how Vitalik Buterin became the world's youngest crypto billionaire.

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0:00 - Vitalik Buterin
0:54 - World of Warcraft
2:30 - Crypto Journalist
4:26 - Birth Of Ethereum
6:02 - Near-Death Experience
8:02 - Ethereum 2.0
9:19 - Philanthropy

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