What Is Yield Farming? Top Yield Farming Protocols To Participate!

What Is Yield Farming? Top Yield Farming Protocols To Participate!

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What is crypto yield farming? How does yield farming work? How to start yield farming? Lending vs borrowing vs staking, yield farming list, best yield farming protocols in crypto

Yield farming is a process where you stake or lend your crypto assets to generate high rewards in the form of additional cryptocurrencies. In general, yield farming rewards are given to users who engage in beneficial actions to the protocol. The yield generated can be in the form of a percentage of the transaction fees generated by the underlying DeFi platforms, interest from lenders, or governance tokens.

Links Mentioned
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00:00 What is yield farming?
01:15 How does yield farming work?
02:32 Types of yield farming
04:08 Top yield farming protocols
08:29 Should you participate in yield farming?

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